“Free the Children” Fundraising in Full Swing at Pure Orthodontics


It’s not the typical philanthropy of choice for an orthodontist in Sherwood Park, South Edmonton, or West Edmonton, but “typical” rarely describes the philosophy of Dr. Hussain and the Pure Orthodontics team. Striving to inspire change on a global level, they’ve teamed up with “Free The Children,” an organization that fosters independence and self-sustainability among disadvantaged youth worldwide. A percentage of every patient’s fee from treatments, such as Invisalign Teen or self-ligating clear braces, will be donated to this outstanding philanthropy.

Started in 1995 by a zealous 12 year-old disgusted with the injustices of child labor in Southeast Asia, Free The Children’s international outreach centers around the “Adopt a Village” model. While most charitable organizations supply the basics (food, clothes, and medicines) to countries crippled by poverty, Free The Children seeks to flip the culture and stimulate change from the inside out, forever ending the need for charity.

Donations from Pure Orthodontics will go towards building a school house in Kenya. With your help, Kenyan youth will learn invaluable lessons, including business skills, good healthcare habits, more efficient farming practices and inspiration for alternative incomes. Unlike handouts, these gifts of knowledge and independence will last a lifetime and can truly change the world.

“We want to give our patients, especially the children, a better sense of social awareness and the opportunity to give back,” says Dr. Hussain. “We are so thrilled to have a real chance to change a whole village for the better.”

Pure Orthodontics may be known for braces in Edmonton or Sherwood Park, but Dr. Hussain has always wished to provide both the world and the community with more. Hoping to bring self-confidence and improved health to financially challenged individuals around Edmonton and Sherwood Park, Pure Orthodontics founded a chapter of Smile For A Lifetime, a program that provides orthodontics for adults and children at no cost.

For additional information about “For The Children” or how to donate even more, visit our Facebook page or call the Pure Orthodontics offices. With your help, Dr. Hussain and his associates can reach their fundraising goal of $8,500 by this June.


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