How to Combat Gum Disease While in Braces

How to Combat Gum Disease While in Braces

Orthodontic treatment is an investment, however, braces can simultaneously hinder and promote the development of one particular condition.

Seven out of 10 Canadians will suffer from gum disease in their lifetime, but the odds of developing this condition are less likely with properly aligned teeth. This is because gums fit tighter around straight teeth. A snug-fitting gum line means there’s no pockets where plaque and bacteria can accumulate and trigger infection.

With that said, your risk of acquiring gum disease is heightened during orthodontic treatment. Braces have a knack for trapping food particles, and removing wedged plaque from appliances usually requires more than the typical brushing routine. The bacteria associated with lingering plaque can easily initiate gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease. For many patients, shifting teeth will exacerbate a pre-existing case of gum disease.

“I always recommend patients come into Pure Orthodontics with generally good oral health,” says West Edmonton orthodontist Dr. Amer Hussain. “When teeth and gums are in poor condition, it complicates treatment and makes achieving goals difficult.”

Whether you’re contemplating orthodontics or you’re in the midst of treatment, the best way to inhibit the onset of gum disease is to implement good oral hygiene practices. With a soft bristled toothbrush, brush the teeth, gum line and appliances using a gentle circular motion twice daily. Use waxed or orthodontic floss and mouth rinse every day. Afterward, be sure to inspect teeth for any left behind food particles.

“It all comes back to good dental hygiene,” says Dr. Hussain. “When teeth and gums are clean and healthy, a countless number of conditions can be avoided. It also simplifies the treatment process for us.”

When weighing the advantages and disadvantages of orthodontic treatment, the best option is clear. In the long term, aligned teeth will reduce your risk of gum disease, as well as tooth decay and TMJ disorders. Putting a little extra effort into your dental hygiene routine during a brief treatment period is undoubtedly worth the outcome of an aligned, healthy and gorgeous grin.

To learn more about the health benefits of Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, self-ligating clear braces and lingual braces in West Edmonton, South Edmonton, and Sherwood Park, simply contact us today. Dr. Hussain and the Pure Orthodontics team are eager to address any concerns and help you achieve your smile goals.


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