Say Goodbye to the Goo: iTero Scanner Used to Take Easy Impressions


Gooey impressions have been a gag-worthy annoyance for braces and Invisalign patients for years. However, orthodontics just got a bit less messy.

Say goodbye to traditional, uncomfortable impressions.

“We’re always looking for ways to streamline and improve our patient’s orthodontic experience,” says Dr. Hussain, “We don’t miss taking messy impressions for aligners, and we are certain patients don’t miss it, either.”

We use the iTero scanner to quickly snap digital impressions of your teeth.

“The iTero scanner means no gagging, and that’s a huge benefit,” says Dr. Hussain. “Our especially young patients would often struggle with traditional impressions, but the scanner makes this process easy for everyone.”

The iTero scanner was designed with patient comfort in mind. Instead of sitting in the orthodontist’s chair while gooey impression material envelopes your teeth, Dr. Hussain simply scans each section of your smile.

Just say “ahh,” sit back and relax. The scanner allows for whole-tooth images to be captured, which produces a more accurate impression.

It’s a virtually painless process that results in a perfectly customized aligner and an efficient treatment. This fact is significant, since an ideal fitting aligner is key.

Use of the iTero scanner also means that appointment times are reduced. Compared to taking traditional impressions, digital impressions are much simpler and less time consuming. There’s no need to mix impression material or fidget with the fit of impression trays. We understand you’re busy, and we don’t aim to keep you in our office for any longer than necessary. That’s just one of the many reasons why we choose to use the iTero scanner.

From the iTero scanner used to streamline the creation of Invisalign retainers to self-ligating Damon System braces, we administer services that simplify your orthodontic treatment.

To learn more, please contact us. Edmonton and Sherwood Park orthodontist Dr. Hussain is eager to meet you and help you achieve your smile goals in a comfortable and efficient manner. We provide comprehensive orthodontic care to residents of Edmonton, West Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove and Fort Saskatchewan.


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