Pure Orthodontics Marks Five Years of Invisalign Teen


Happy fifth birthday, Invisalign Teen! July marks five years since the introduction of this aligning method, and we’re celebrating this special occasion by discussing the features of Invisalign Teen. In only five years, Invisalign Teen has been used by countless teens to achieve their smile goals. 

Engineered to discreetly align teeth, Invisalign Teen grants teenagers the freedom to eat chewy foods and negates the need for tightening procedures. With schoolwork, athletics, prom and the occasional party, teenagers are busy! That’s why Invisalign Teen streamlines the straightening process to accommodate the hectic schedules of students.

The clear plastic Invisalign retainers work by slowly shifting teeth into a pre-determined position. Every two weeks, the aligner is swapped for a mold that reflects the desired movements in the smile. It’s that easy! In addition, Pure Orthdontics utilizes advanced Itero scanners to shoot digital mold impressions, meaning teen patients at Pure Orthodontics don’t have to undergo traditional impressions.

While each smile’s anatomy is unique and requires special attention, Invisalign treatment typically takes only one year. In some cases, treatment only takes six months!

“Invisalign Teen fits into the lives of active teenagers perfectly,” says Dr. Amer Hussain, a provider of orthodontics in West Edmonton, South Edmonton, and Sherwood Park. “I have helped many teenagers achieve their smile goals with Invisalign.”

Eat What You Want With Invisalign Teen

One sacrifice patients typically make while wearing traditional braces is sticky, crunchy or chewy foods. Edibles like popcorn, gum, caramels and crunchy fruits can be enjoyed with Invisalign Teen. Simply remove the aligner before eating, brush after the meal and snap the aligner back in. It may not be a wise idea to smack gum in front of the teacher, though!

For a 5-year-old, Invisalign Teen sure has accomplished a lot. Thousands of teenagers can proudly display their beautiful smiles thanks to Invisalign Teen. Remember, we also offer Invisalign treatment for adults, as well as self-ligating clear braces and lingual braces. To learn more about treatment options available for you, schedule a consultation with the Pure Orthodontics team today.


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