Dr. Hussain Gives Brides-to-Be Even More to Smile About


Spring has officially sprung, and wedding season is upon us! Pure Orthodontics knows the budgets of brides-to-be are impossibly tight, and we want to help. Dr. Hussain is offering special pricing for engaged men and women looking to align and perfect their grins in preparation for wedded bliss. The package includes Invisalign aligner therapy and a complimentary take-home, professional-grade whitening kit. Consider it our wedding gift to you.

Nationally recognized for his expertise, Fort Saskatchewan orthodontist Dr. Hussain encourages couples to consider a pre-wedding smile upgrade. Arguably, you’ll be photographed more on your wedding day than any other occasion in life. Be sure that your smile displays happiness, not years of yellowing or orthodontic neglect.

Patients will receive Invisalign, a proven system of clear aligners that accelerate the straightening process with minimal discomfort. The discreet invisible aligners are the ideal method of orthodontics for adults aiming to avoid noticeable appliances. Brides and grooms will be given a new retainer approximately every two weeks that is custom molded to reflect desired teeth movement. Dr. Hussain, who also provides Invisalign Teen, carefully oversees the treatment process to ensure his patients are satisfied with their sparkling new smiles.

“I want to guarantee that my patients won’t flip through their wedding album only to cringe at their smiles,” says Dr. Hussain. “My staff and I are eager to give brides and grooms a wedding-worthy grin!”

While every smile and orthodontic situation is unique, Dr. Hussain recommends that engaged couples begin treatment with ample time before their special day. Although Invisalign is known for its speedy straightening, some patient’s teeth may require a year to properly align. Conversely, some cases may only need 4-6 months of treatment.

Pure Orthodontics, a trusted provider of lingual and invisible braces in Sherwood Park and Edmonton, wish our engaged patients the best of luck with the wedding planning process. Couples interested in learning more about our special bridal package are encouraged to call and schedule a consultation with our staff today.


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