Emergency Dental Care in Edmonton, Red Deer, Sherwood Park And Leduc

Life is rarely free of accidents, and at Pure Orthodontics we understand that sometimes orthodontic and dental crises can happen. And as luck would have it, crises rarely happen at convenient times. That is why we’re happy to provide emergency care service for when life’s little accidents interfere with your orthodontic equipment.

Major Emergencies

If an accident has occurred where your teeth are missing or severely damaged, please promptly contact your family’s dentist. Even if you do not have dental coverage, emergency dental care is often covered by your health plan’s extended medical coverage (check your benefits plan for details). Once your dentist has corrected any dental injury and your teeth are healthy enough to undergo orthodontic treatment, we will gladly repair or reapply any necessary orthodontic appliances and will revise your treatment plan accordingly, so as to get you back on the path toward a better smile.

Minor Emergencies

Whether it’s caused by a minor tumble, a sports accident, or a too-crunchy snack, broken brackets or snapped archwires are very uncomfortable and can interfere with your speech and ability to eat. Give us a call, and whenever possible, we will provide you with an appointment the same day so as to quickly resolve the problem and continue the aligning process.

Here are a few soothing tips and tricks to try while waiting for your appointment time:

  • Carefully snip off any poking wires with a clean nail clipper. Cuticle nippers can work well for wires near the back of the mouth, where they are harder to reach. Snip the wire against the next bracket to which it is attached. Be very careful to not swallow the snipped wire – performing this task in a well-lit area while looking down into a mirror (so that your mouth is facing down as much as possible) will reduce the odds of accidental ingestion.
  • Place orthodontic wax on the ends of severed wires or broken brackets to ease pain. The friendly staff at Pure Orthodontics will be happy to provide you with a supply of orthodontic wax any time it’s needed.
  • If any portion of the appliance falls off, don’t discard it. Bring it to your appointment, as it may be able to be cleaned and re-applied.

General Discomfort

Your orthodontic appliances from Pure Orthodontics are selected to be as comfortable as possible. Regardless, it is normal to experience some mild discomfort in the first few days after your braces or adjusters are applied, until your teeth begin to get used to the mild pressure. If needed, over the counter pain relievers can be effective.

Minor lip or tongue abrasions from braces can be alleviated with a warm salt water rinse. The rinse can be made by mixing one teaspoon of salt into eight ounces of warm water, and then rinsing vigorously with it for about half a minute.

To schedule an emergency appointment, contact our West, South Edmonton, North Edmonton, Leduc, or Sherwood Park location today! You’ll be scheduled for an appointment as soon as possible.

After Hour Emergency Line 780-807-8861

Calls are answered between 7am-10pm Monday – Sunday including holidays.