Pure Orthodontics Reaches Fundraising Goal for Construction of Kenyan School


Great job, Pure patients! By relying on us for your orthodontic needs, we’ve reached our goal of raising $8,500 to fund the construction of a school in an impoverished Kenyan village. Authorities in Kenya have been notified of the village’s latest project, and work on the school that will teach Kenyan youth valuable economic skills is currently in the beginning phases.

In March, Pure Orthodontics kicked off fundraising in collaboration with Free The Children, an inspiring philanthropy that empowers youth around the globe to overturn downtrodden cultures and uproot poverty. By building schoolhouses in poverty stricken villages, Free The Children equips students with resources capable of creating lasting change, like instruction of business skills, good health care habits, farming techniques and ideas for alternative incomes.

One hundred dollars from each patient’s treatment cost was donated to Pure Orthodontics’ “adopted village” in Kenya. Donations from Pure patients are directly responsible for the construction of the schoolhouse capable of revitalizing an entire community with gifts of knowledge and a sense of hope for a brighter future.

“I am so thrilled with the encouragement and excitement we’ve received from our patients about this schoolhouse,” says Dr. Hussain. “Free The Children is such an outstanding charity, and it’s an honor to contribute to their vision of lasting change.”

Pure Orthodontics has not yet received an estimated date of completion for the school. In the meantime, we’ll continue our philanthropic efforts by raising money for the construction of an added school in Ghana.

“We saw such an outpouring of support for the school in Kenya, so why stop there?” Dr. Hussain said. “Ghana is our next goal!”

One hundred dollars from braces and Invisalign costs in South Edmonton, West Edmonton, and Sherwood Park will also contribute to the establishment of the Ghana school. If you’re interested in donating additional funds, please contact the Pure Orthodontics team.

Pediatric and adult orthodontist Dr. Hussain and the friendly team at Pure Orthodontics are committed to bettering the lives of their patients – and villages around the globe! Our recent charitable endeavors speak volumes about the kindness each patient receives when they walk through our doors. Treatment solutions like self-ligating clear braces, lingual braces, Invisalign Teen, and Invisalign aligner therapy are administered by Dr. Hussain, along with other services. To learn more about Dr. Hussain and his associates at Pure Orthodontics, schedule a consultation today.


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