You want people to see your smile, not your braces. Today, having braces does not need to mean having highly conspicuous metal brackets and wires. For patients at Pure Orthodontics in Edmonton, Leduc, and Sherwood Park, clear braces can be an attractive alternative to traditional braces, while still providing effective orthodontic treatment.


When thinking of clear braces options, the image of a “mouth full of metal” should be the last thing to come to mind. Generations of us have grown up seeing (or wearing) bulky silver-toned braces, often cross-hatched with large, beige rubber bands, and accompanied by embarrassing headgear. These braces improved smiles in the long term, but were very noticeable to the patient and to onlookers. Thanks to self-ligating clear braces, this is is no longer the reality for patients undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Clear self-ligating braces use clear brackets that resist discolouration and are discreet to the eye. Additionally, clear self-ligating braces do not use elastomeric rings (“rubber bands”), which results in easier maintenance and hygiene. Instead, the brackets are “self-litigating”, meaning that the wires are held in place by the brackets themselves, instead of by tie wires or elastic ligatures. The slides on the brackets can then be customized to create active or passive resistance, straightening your teeth efficiently and with fewer adjustments.



All experiences vary, depending on the individual patient’s orthodontic needs. By talking with Dr. Hussain at Pure Orthodontics in South Edmonton, West Edmonton, North Edmonton, Leduc, or Sherwood Park, you can decide if clear self-ligating braces are the right treatment option for you.

Dr. Hussain will consider the unique shape and mechanics of your facial bones and muscles when planning the alignment of the teeth, smile and bite. He is pleased to work closely with patients to determine if clear self-ligating braces are right for them, and to educate patients about the long-term results of the clear self-ligating system and how to care for and maintain their straighter smile. And remember, it does not cost you anything for a second opinion at Pure Orthodontics, nor do you need a referral!

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