Orthodontic Benefits Don’t End At Looks: How Braces Can Improve Dental Health

Orthodontic Benefits Don’t End At Looks: How Braces Can Improve Dental Health

We all know that orthodontic treatment supplies incredible cosmetic benefits, but did you know straight teeth can boost dental health, too? Here’s a few reasons why.

Straight and simple. Essentially, crooked teeth act like a net. Food particles can easily become entangled in a trap of crooked and overcrowded teeth. Overlapping and angled teeth provide the perfect nooks for plaque to become wedged and hidden. Unless patients regularly perform a close inspection of their smile, routine brushing and flossing practices may not be sufficient to dislodge the trapped plaque. This dilemma can make achieving a clean, healthy smile nearly impossible – and tooth decay very possible!

We’re not suggesting that an aligned grin is plaque-proof, but smoothing out the smile’s surface can simplify the cleaning process by making trapped food particles more visible and easier to reach with a toothbrush and floss. Properly aligned teeth also allow gums to fit more snug around the tooth, helping to guard against gum disease. In short, the straighter the teeth, the simpler the maintenance.

Close the gap. Orthodontics isn’t just suited for patients with crooked or crowded teeth. Adult’s orthodontist Dr. Hussain also works to close gaps in smiles, known medically as Diastemas. These gaps can result from a child’s jaw bone developing faster than their adult teeth, or an adult whose teeth don’t match ideally with their jaw bone. Regardless of the cause, such gaps can prove dangerous.

A gap in the smile leaves a portion of the gum exposed, and creates a nice little spot for plaque to nest. Plaque-borne bacteria frequently exposed to the gums without proper oral hygiene can easily trigger gingivitis or more serious cases of periodontitis (gum disease). Because gums are naturally sensitive, it’s best to correct such gaps through orthodontics.

Take off the pressure. If a patient is suffering from tightness in the jaw area, a TMD (tempomandibular joint disorder) is often to blame. However, the solution to jaw pain may be as simple as straightening a few teeth. When one or more teeth on the bottom and top rows are misaligned, it creates an uncomfortable bite. The pressure from the inadequate bite can induce soreness and make chewing certain foods difficult.

Once again, orthodontics can alleviate such painful oral conditions. By aligning the teeth, Dr. Hussain can provide a proper, comfortable bite and eliminate pressure in the jaw joint.

Now that you know the benefits of orthodontics don’t end at aesthetics, what are the best treatment options for you? Patients of Dr. Hussain’s have a variety of aligning methods to choose from, including Damon System clear braces, lingual braces and Invisalign at the Sherwood Park and Edmonton locations. Dr. Hussain and the team at Pure Orthodontics work closely with each patient. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about these aligning methods.


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