How Long Will My Braces Hurt

How Long Will My Braces Hurt?

Braces aren’t a party right away. Right after getting them, the patient will experience sore teeth, discomfort, and pressure inflicted by the braces. It takes around a week to really adjust to them in your mouth, and the most uncomfortable stage is the day after the braces are put on. After any appointments following the initial placement, it’s expected to experience a similar discomfort and soreness, but it should be less than the very first week. Chewing certain foods can be difficult, and you will most likely feel an aching while chewing. The best way to resolve and avoid braces pain is to eat foods that are soft such as macaroni and cheese or mashed potatoes.
So what can you do to get used to that discomfort and get past it in that early stage? Here are a couple of tips.

Eat Soft Foods:

Brainstorm a list of soft foods that you like and use it for inspiration when packing your lunch and making your meals. Your orthodontist will most likely give you a list of foods to avoid so use that for reference as well. If you’ve got a parent or sibling that is in charge of making meals for your house give them your list as well. Depending on what you’re eating, break it up into smaller bites or portions. If you’re eating a sandwich, cut it into four pieces. Since your teeth are going to be very sore, your front teeth may not be able to tear into your food and break it up themselves.

Avoid Touching or Picking at Your Braces:

“Brace pickers” is what they’ve been dubbed: patients who pick at their braces in an attempt to reduce any pain through removing or bending the wires. This can result in your wires being moved too far out of place, and if that happens, your teeth will stop shifting. Don’t pick at them at all. The more you pick at them, the longer you’re going to have to keep them on.

Don’t Move Your Lips Too Much Either:

It’s a weird feeling right after you get braces, and you may feel the urge to move your lips around. Doing this, however, will just irritate the inside of your lips, create sores, and create more discomfort.
Another way to avoid irritating the inside of your lips: don’t sleep on your face. If you sleep on your face/stomach, the braces can be pushed into the inside of your lips and create sores. The soreness of your lips and teeth will just increase. Sleeping on your back will help you reduce pressure on your mouth.

A life saver is wax. Use it!

Your orthodontist will provide you with it in order for you to put it on your brackets and wires. Focus on areas on the inside of your lips that feel raw, or have formed sores. The wax will alleviate any pain, help the sores heal and prevent more from forming. Place wax there regularly and keep it there for long periods of time until your lips start to toughen up. Whenever you go back to your orthodontist you can ask for more. When you go to eat, don’t fret about taking it out. The wax is warm and soft and probably stuck on your brackets or wires. Plus, eating it is harmless. Wax is your best friend and is there to support you during this process.

And Finally, Stay As Acive As Possible:

Going to school and your extracurriculars will keep your mind off your braces and time will fly by. Braces shouldn’t interfere in your daily routine.
Your orthodontist’s goal is to shift your teeth without too much pain or discomfort. Your teeth will be getting sore, and you’ll experience discomfort, but hopefully these tips will help you adjust quickly and stay as comfortable as possible.


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