Unlike adults, children find adjusting to a new setting more difficult, and braces are no exception. However, the reality is that many kids will need braces at some point in their life.

So, how does one convince a child to see an orthodontist and get himself or herself more comfortable with the possibility of braces? You don’t do that by simply outlining the potential benefits of getting braces – you simply deal with the inherent fear that children have for the unknown.

So, what can you and your child expect from the orthodontist when you’ve decided to get braces for kids from us at Pure Orthodontics?


When To See Us

The earliest that a child should schedule an appointment from an orthodontist is at age 7. At this time, they’re expected to lose some of their baby teeth and some of their permanent teeth start to appear.

This is a very crucial time for your child. With the eruption of their permanent teeth it is at this time children may undergo significant jaw and teeth development.

This is the time in which an orthodontist should be visited. When you come in for an appointment with your child, one of our orthodontic specialists will take your little one and assess the development of their jaws and teeth.

It is best to start early so that potential problems are avoided. At this stage, most of your child’s teeth are the “milk teeth” or baby teeth – these can be extracted without long-term problems if there’s a need to do so to facilitate proper permanent tooth eruption.

What Signs Do We Look Out For From Your Child?

If you observe any of these signs from your child, even before he or she reaches 7 years old, take them right away to our clinic so we can start early treatment.

These signs include:
· Crowding in the front teeth, whether upper or lower
· Teeth that are extending forward too far from the gums
· Habitual grinding of the teeth
· Voluntary or involuntary clenching of the jaw
· Inability to chew or swallow food properly
· Cheek biting
· Abnormal positioning of the jaw

If you notice any of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to call us and set up an appointment. We’re always ready for you.

How is Treatment Facilitated?

We normally have two phases of treatment. The first phase is aimed to correct and treat problems that are spotted early, which is why, even though you don’t notice any symptoms, it’s important to see an orthodontist by the time your child reaches the age of 7.

Most children enter this phase, however, with no noticeable problems. Those that do are recommended to undergo correctional treatment, this may include a combination of retainers and baby braces..

Treatment time is limited and generally does not exceed more than 12 months for the first phase of treatment..,. After that, the child’s remaining permanent teeth are left to erupt.

Phase two begins after this period. After all of your child’s permanent teeth have erupted, it’s time for another visit to our team. We will look at your child’s new teeth and assess their teeth alignment , as well as their jaw.

Most children get past the initial phase 1, (assessment phase) fine. If we do detect some misalignment, we will highly recommend that you get your child to undergo braces treatment with us.

Book an appointment now, and we’ll see how we can help each other out.