Halloween Candy and Braces

Braces Care Tips to Avoid Landing on Our Naughty List This Season

December 28, 2013

Braces Care Tips to Avoid Landing on Our Naughty List This Season In West Edmonton, South Edmonton, and Sherwood Park, orthodontist Dr. Amer Hussain is no Santa Claus, but he does encourage patients to stay off his naughty list. Because an “orthodontist on the shelf” would be a little too strange, we at Pure Orthodontics

Orthodontic Emergency

Experiencing a Braces Disaster? Pure Orthodontics Offers Emergency Care

December 22, 2013

EXPERIENCING A BRACES DISASTER? PURE ORTHODONTICS OFFERS EMERGENCY CARE Did you bite into a gingerbread man that was a bit too crunchy? Or was that candy cane stickier than you anticipated? There’s no need to fret in the midst of an orthodontic crisis if you’re in West Edmonton, South Edmonton, or Sherwood Park, because orthodontist

iTero Scanners at Pure Orthodontics

Say Goodbye to the Goo: iTero Scanner Used to Take Easy Impressions

November 17, 2013

SAY GOODBYE TO THE GOO: ITERO SCANNER USED TO TAKE EASY IMPRESSIONS Gooey impressions have been a gag-worthy annoyance for braces and Invisalign patients for years. However, orthodontics just got a bit less messy. Say goodbye to traditional, uncomfortable impressions. “We’re always looking for ways to streamline and improve our patient’s orthodontic experience,” says Dr.