Month: November 2014

When it Comes to Braces, Not All Oral Care Products are Created Equal

November 13, 2014

WHEN IT COMES TO BRACES, NOT ALL ORAL CARE PRODUCTS ARE CREATED EQUAL Kids across West Edmonton, South Edmonton, and Sherwood Park are preparing to return to school by stocking up on stylish new outfits and accessories, but they also need to think about their oral health! To help students with self-ligating clear braces, lingual

Combat Gum Disease

How to Combat Gum Disease While in Braces

How to Combat Gum Disease While in Braces Orthodontic treatment is anĀ investment, however, braces can simultaneously hinder and promote the development of one particular condition. Seven out of 10 Canadians will suffer from gum disease in their lifetime, but the odds of developing this condition are less likely with properly aligned teeth. This is because