Month: September 2013


Easy and Effective Ways to Keep Your Retainer Clean and In-Use

September 11, 2013

EASY AND EFFECTIVE WAYS TO KEEP YOUR RETAINER CLEAN AND IN-USE If you’re an Invisalign or Invisalign Teen patient or have ever undergone any sort of orthodontic treatment, you’re aware of the repercussions of not properly cleaning a retainer. Crusty calcium buildups and unpleasant odors are just a few possible outcomes of failing to care for

The Benefits of (Occasionally) Chewing Gum With Braces

September 5, 2013

THE BENEFITS OF (OCCASIONALLY) CHEWING GUM WITH BRACES Carelessly smacking gum is never a bright idea for an orthodontic patient, but the occasional chew may actually provide relief from pain and soreness associated with braces. Dr. Hussain, and orthodontist in South Edmonton, West Edmonton, and Sherwood Park explains why it’s safe to throw out the