Month: April 2013


Faith Hill’s Braces Confidently on Display as She Walks the Red Carpet

April 17, 2013

FAITH HILL’S BRACES CONFIDENTLY ON DISPLAY AS SHE WALKS THE RED CARPET Country music mega star Faith Hill is gracing award show red carpets with an accessory that’s generating major buzz. No, not a gazillion dollar diamond necklace, but rather a mouth full of clear braces. The 45-year-old singer and wife to fellow country music


Dr. Hussain Gives Brides-to-Be Even More to Smile About

April 11, 2013

DR. HUSSAIN GIVES BRIDES-TO-BE EVEN MORE TO SMILE ABOUT Spring has officially sprung, and wedding season is upon us! Pure Orthodontics knows the budgets of brides-to-be are impossibly tight, and we want to help. Dr. Hussain is offering special pricing for engaged men and women looking to align and perfect their grins in preparation for

Dr. Hussain’s Braces-Friendly Food Pyramid: What Should You Be Eaten With Braces?

April 2, 2013

DR. HUSSAIN’S BRACES-FRIENDLY FOOD PYRAMID: WHAT SHOULD YOU BE EATEN WITH BRACES? Truly, no sound is more dreadful than the popping of a wire after crunching into an apple. Or when you realize the caramel from that candy bar has adhered itself securely to a bracket. Many patients have, understandably, strayed away from the super-strict