Month: February 2013

Combat Gum Disease

Should I Take My Kindergartener to The Orthodontist? Learn the Facts

February 25, 2013

SHOULD I TAKE MY KINDERGARTENER TO THE ORTHODONTIST? LEARN THE FACTS Parents need not fret – Dr. Hussain does not want your kindergartner to wear a mouth full of metal. Instead, he hopes to assess your child’s smile, bite and growth patterns to predict any future orthodontic discrepancies. Early detection of an emerging issue often


Edmonton Orthodontist Lands Cover of The Progressive Orthodontist Magazine

February 24, 2013

EDMONTON ORTHODONTIST LANDS COVER OF THE PROGRESSIVE ORTHODONTIST MAGAZINE We’ve hit the big time, folks. Word of Dr. Amer Hussain’s expertise in orthodontic treatment spread to the offices of The Progressive Orthodontist, one of the industry’s leading publications. Dr. Hussain atop his beloved longboard, along with our beautiful Pure Orthodontics signage, is featured on the