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Orthodontic Treatment: What to Expect During the First Month

October 4, 2016

Making the choice to begin orthodontic treatment is often accompanied by some fairly significant changes. In the time leading up to receiving your orthodontics, you may have questions about what to expect during your first month of treatment. It’s important to note that no two treatments are exactly the same, but during your first month… Read More»

Looking For Fun In North Edmonton? Let Pure Orthodontics Help!

October 3, 2016

Curious about what’s available for you to do before or after you visit our new Pure Orthodontics office in North Edmonton? We’re learning more about the exciting things in this part of the city, and want to share some of the fantastic options to enjoy when you’re in the neighbourhood for your next orthodontist appointment.

Family Fun in Sherwood Park: Things to do After Seeing Your Orthodontist

October 2, 2016

There’s so much more to do in Sherwood Park than just visit Pure Orthodontics! Even though we’re always happy to see our patients, we always want you to have a great day, both before and after your appointment. Whether you’re the parent of a young child or teen, we’re happy to provide you with a… Read More»